Founded in 1886 by Jean Baptiste Gury

JB Gury and JB Gury Junior

JB Gury and JB Gury Junior

J B Gury was founded in 1886 by Jean Baptiste Gury, who had recently immigrated to the United States from France.  This was a golden age of invention throughout the country, and Mr. Gury was quick to see that in the apparel industry there was a need for a better way to cut fabric.  His response to this need was the invention of the first vertical knife cutting machine which allowed for multiple layers to be cut at the same time.  This type of vertical knife machine is still used extensively throughout the world over 130 years later.

The Fabric Cutting Machine Revolution

JB Gury and JB Gury Junior

Cutting Room Circa 1900s Using Gury Machines

Current Computerized Fabric 2016, Cutting Machine that JB Gury produces replacement parts for.

Present Day Automated Cutting System

Over this period the company evolved and with the advent of large computerized cutters began to make many of the critical parts for these machines. Today the company produces over 1,000 different parts and blades making it a world leader in the production of non-genuine replacement parts for the new generation of computerized cutters.

Over 1,000 High-Quality Parts and Products

J B Gury in 2016Our company, over 130 years old, is now run by fourth generation family members who have never forgotten that successful companies remain in business by producing high-quality products that our customers can always rely on.